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I've completed my 100 Days of Black and White project and am continuing to photograph my family/life every day but now there's more color! I really loved the push of shooting in black and white for 100 days and not being able to rely on color contrast to help my subject stand out and tell the story I want to share. It really made me look at the light and I had a lot of fun shooting more at night. I predict I'll be doing more black and white conversions in the future but I'm glad to be back in color! Here are a few of my favorites from April.

This was my first time playing with my underwater camera housing. We had a ton of fun in the waves and this was the same day I took my recent award winning image too!

Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


This is one of those time when I had a vision of something I wanted to capture. I really wanted to capture my son looking at the stars because he loves all things space right now. I knew the best place for my vision was the beach and because my son has a hard time being still long enough for a long exposure, I knew my husband would need to be with him. I really wanted him looking through his telescope at the stars but I knew he wasn't ready to be still like that just yet. We tried sitting and laying down and this one worked best. I definitely want to try this one again!

Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

We regularly have a pizza and movie night together as a family so it was something I wanted to make sure I captured in my project. My son likes to help, which involves helping himself to the pepperoni and "cheese" (we're dairy free). This ended up being the perfect capture of our pizza night shenanigans. 

Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


This year was my son's first official season to t-ball. Two years ago, he was in a smart start pre-t-ball program through the Navy base and last year we missed signups (because who is thinking about t-ball in January??). He really loves it and I think he'll likely choose baseball over gymnastics when he passes level 3 and he'd have to join the team or be done. I've captured a few of his games and since we had an evening game, I wanted to try a panning shot of him running so that everyone else on the field isn't a distraction to my subject/story, and I just love panning! 

Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

For Easter, my son received a space shuttle kite so naturally we had to go to the beach to fly it. It was the perfect way to spend our evening and the he had a blast flying it (it flew really well too!)

Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

I wonder if I will ever tire of taking pictures of my son sleeping. My guess is probably not. Tuesday are long days for us between homeschool co-op, errands, and gymnastics. He almost always falls asleep on the way home and we just plop him on the couch until dinner is ready if he doesn't wake up when we get home. 

Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


Back to color! This one was a favorite from my continued Project 365. I've been wanting to take a picture of my son doing a cartwheel and he finally decided to do cartwheels at the park one evening.  Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


Do you have a favorite? I'd love to know!




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