Companion: Capturing Connections Between Kids & Pets

The idea for this project has been something I've thought about ever since I took these photos of my son and our German Shepherd, Zoe, before she passed. Zoe was so good with him and they were great buddies. I loved capturing their special relationship as my son grew and it became even more apparent once she was gone, how important these photos were. I wanted to do a bigger project capturing children and their special relationships with their pets. The year following our loss of Zoe, I wasn't ready. And then the following year, I chose to focus on moms having fun with their kids and pushed off this idea again. 

Then, on a whim, we brought Jack home over Memorial Day weekend 2017. He is my son's dog through and through; and watching them grow together has been so much fun (and sometimes not so fun when they get on each other's nerves, haha). I did a 100 Days project to focus on capturing their relationship. Then I started finding other kids who had special bonds with a pet and started capturing them too. This is an ongoing project of mine (and I have some fun goals for it that I'm working towards). You can also follow along on Instagram!

I am always searching for more models, so if you live in Brevard County or Amelia Island areas and your child (any age up to 18) has a special bond with their pet (any pet, not just dogs), I'd love to photograph them! Send me an email and I'll send you more info on participating in this project.