Project 52 | Images of Inspiration | Weeks 9-12

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Ok, so I'm slightly behind on my project 52, partly due to being busy (which is a good thing) and partly due to getting stuck on one of the themes. I'm almost caught up and have plans for the next 2 images so hopefully I'm caught up soon! One good thing is that even though I was a little stuck, I was still taking pictures and taking pictures of my son that weren't just on my iPhone, so I'd say this project has still been successful! Hope you enjoy these next four images!


Week 9 | Shapes - Wall of Circles

My family and I visited the Children's Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth and I brought along my "good" camera, knowing there'd be an opportunity to capture an image for this theme. I captured several fun images of my son having fun exploring the museum, which is very hands on and one of the best children's museums I've visited so far. I tried a few different times to get something with a shape in it, but was very much drawn to their donor wall up front that was full of colorful circles with the names of museum donors on them. I managed to get my son to count the circles so that I could get him in the image, and not just the wall of circles. I ended up liking the black and white version better!


Week 9 | Shapes - Wall of CirclesCopyright 2015 Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


Week 10 | Reflections - Car Show

My son is obsessed with cars, so when I heard there was going to be a car show in Kingsland, I knew we had to go! I also knew it would be a fun place to try and get an image for this theme. All that chrome! I had an image in my mind of what I wanted to capture, but with the clouds blocking most of the sun that morning, and my son not wanting to cooperate, I didn't get quite the image I had imagined, though I still captured a fun moment. My son wanted to bring his camera along too and proceeded to take pictures of all of his favorite cars (most of which were red). It was adorable! So I knelt down with him and we took a picture of this car together. Future photographer maybe?


Week 10 | Reflections - Car ShowCopyright 2015 Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

Week 11 | Night - Holding the Moon

This was the theme that I just couldn't get past for a couple weeks. I had a few ideas of what I could do for the night theme but with night coming later after the time change, by the time it gets dark, I am getting my son ready for bed and am too tired to attempt to do much at the end of the day (I know most of you reading this can relate). Normally my son has no problem staying up later, but he's been skipping his naps so bedtime was early and I was exhausted! Then when the moon was full, we finally had an evening that was warm and clear and we stayed outside until dusk and watched the moon. My son wanted to hold the moon so I told him I would take a "magic" picture for him so he could see the moon in his hands. I wasn't thrilled with the technical aspects of the image but my son loved it so it's a success in my book. 

Week 11 | Night - Holding the MoonCopyright 2015 Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

Week 12 | Break the Rules - Fun in the Sun

This theme was all about breaking the rules. The interpretation could look like an image of someone breaking a rule or breaking a rule of photography. (Here's a look at breaking a few photography rules.) I was leaning towards breaking a rule of photography, but I wasn't sure which rule. We had a hot day recently and it seemed the perfect day to break out the pool for the first time this year. My son was having so much fun playing in the pool so I went to grab my camera. It was noon so I broke the "time of day" rule and shot at noon in direct sunlight. Because fun doesn't always happen first thing in the morning or during golden hour in the evening!

Week 12 | Break the Rules - Fun in the SunCopyright 2015 Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

Thanks for following along with my project! 




Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


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