Project 52 | Images of Inspiration | Weeks 5-8

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I'm happy to say that I'm still going strong with my Project 52. I have fallen a little behind a few times, but not too far behind and I'm fairly caught up at the moment so at least there's that! I am love, love, loving this project. I love having complete freedom in my creativity and trying new things and I've captured some really great images (a few of which I have entered into competitions).  Here are my next four images...


Week 5 | Low Light

Week 5 | Low LightCopyright 2015 Kimberly Tank Art & Photography My original idea for this theme was to capture my son's new police car light-up shoes in a low light situation. But in order to freeze the motion of his feet and not end up with a total blur and he jumped up and down to make the shoes light up, I was only getting 2 of the lights on his shoes at most and it didn't give the effect I was hoping for. So I tossed that idea and decided to try with his light box instead. He was pretty reluctant at first in letting me take pictures of him playing, but once he eased up I captured this image (and a few others I really liked too). (And in case you are wondering, that is a wire dog crate behind him.)


Week 6 | Abandoned

Week 6 | AbandonedCopyright 2015 Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

This one came to me while prepping our garden beds for late winter/early spring planting. We have two young red maples in our backyard and one of them has something wrong with it that has been slowly killing it over the last few years. It's going to have to come down but before we cut it down, I wanted to get a photograph of the little bird nest for this project. It was just so perfect and alone in the bare, dying tree, abandoned for the winter. I took several angles before deciding on this one with the branches leading you in to the nest. I'm going to be so sad when this tree comes down. 


Week 7 | Black & White

Week 7 | Black & WhiteCopyright 2015 Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

The weekend I took this image was beautiful and was the perfect time for our first beach day of the year. It wasn't the typical time of day that I like to shoot, so it really made me think about the light and trying to get the right angle for the best light without using my reflector that I normally have for sessions. My son loves playing in the water, chasing the sea foam, and running from the waves (despite that the water was way too cold for me or my husband). We hadn't planned on playing in the water so we didn't dress for it, but that didn't stop him! I played with perspective and composition and ended up with a lot of great shots showing how much fun my son was having. This one was one of my favorites from the day and lent itself well to being black and white. The beach is my favorite place to take pictures and I'd love to do a full fun family session like this where everyone plays and I capture the moments. Anyone game?


Week 8 | Same but Different

father and sonWeek 8 | Same but DifferentCopyright 2015 Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

This theme was a little more challenging but I settled on getting an image of my husband and son together. We were sitting down for movie night and I decided to pull out my camera first and snap a couple of quick images. I love how they are both intently watching and waiting for the movie to begin. They aren't identical, but they share so many similarities I figured it would work as a loose interpretation of the theme.

Thanks for following along with my project! 




Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


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