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Tips for Fun First Day of School PhotosCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

It's back to school time! Whether you are starting school this week, or not starting quite yet, this post should help you if you want to take great first day of school pictures of your kiddo(s). You don't need a fancy camera either, in fact, all but one of the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone. 

And now for my five top tips for taking fun photos of your kids to document the first day of school!


Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


1 - Consider taking them the night before the first day. Mornings can be hard enough trying to get everyone ready to go and out the door on time and then add in taking a photo of everyone and you've just upped your amount of morning chaos. Depending on school start times and how well you've prepped your kids or getting up at that time, you may have a child who just isn't ready to have a camera/phone in their face earlier than they're used to being up and out the door. Even if you have an early riser or you've prepped by waking up early the previous two weeks, your child still may be too excited or nervous about the first day to cooperate very well for a photo. And bonus, if you're house faces east, your front door probably has better lighting in the afternoon/evening than first thing in the morning. So get them in their first day of school outfit the night before, practice however they are going to wear their hair, and get that photo without adding too much more to your morning routine. 

Of course, if you're homeschooling, you have more leeway as far as when to take your photos or even what you consider the first day of your school year. 


Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

2 - Sign Options. When the first day of school photos first became a trend, it seemed it was good enough to just write out or print out a piece of paper that said "First Day of # Grade" on it. Now, you can buy templates and have them printed for your child to hold on their first day to show various interests in addition to what grade they're starting (you can find free ones too by googling). A good old chalk board, like the one I used, or a white board, are perfectly acceptable in my book. No need to go all out if that's not your thing. 

Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

3 - Light/Location. Consider the light when choosing your location. Outside will typically give you the best lighting, assuming you're not having to do them before the sun comes up (another reason to do them the night before!). The most common location I've seen is usually in front of the front door or in the front yard. Don't feel like you need to use either of those locations if the light happens to be better in your backyard. 


Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

4 - Forget the "smile" and "say cheese". If you want a genuine smile, don't use those words! (In fact, those words are pretty much banned at my sessions, haha!) Try asking them what they are most excited about for school or get them talking about something they enjoy. You can also tell them silly jokes or act like a goofball, whatever you know will make them giggle! If you're child isn't a big smiler, be content with just having them look at you and don't worry so much about them smiling. 

Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography Copyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

5 - Let them have fun! There's nothing that kills a mood more than getting yelled at for not smiling for the camera. Let them be silly and have fun. This is another bonus for doing the photos the night before as you won't be rushed to hurry up and get the photo. Keep snapping those photos while they're being silly and you're bound to end up with a good one. 

Happy Picture Taking and Happy Back to School!




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