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Fun Mom Project | St Marys - Fernandina Beach Motherhood Photographer

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I've followed several projects that other photographers have done that feature something special about motherhood. I loved what they captured and contemplated if there was something like that that I could do. I didn't want it to be the same thing though. Then I finally figured it out... I wanted to find a way to feature moms having fun with their kids. So often, Dads are seen as "the fun ones" and moms are more often the ones taking the pictures of Dad having fun with the kids. But Moms are fun too! And Mom needs to be present in the photographs so the kids remember she was there having fun with them too, it wasn't just Dad! My idea arose from all the fun I have with my own son and how often I would document him doing something fun or him with my husband, but rarely was I getting in the photos too. So often, I would think, man I wish there was someone here to take a picture of the fun we're having. I realized I had already been capturing these moments whenever I saw them happening during family sessions (and of course with Dads too). So this year I began the Fun Mom Project. I had originally hoped I would have an image for every day in May but I didn't start it quite early enough and had several reschedules or cancellations. So I ended up with one a week for May but this is just the beginning. I plan to continue this project and I have some ideas for what I might turn it into later when I have a bigger collection (more on that to come!).


For each mom featured in the project, I try to capture something fun they do with their kids and then have them write a little something to include with their photo. These aren't traditional portraits but they're something that will help these children look back and remember how much fun they had WITH their Moms.


This first momma I have known for 5 years. She has so much knowledge about nature and plants and I loved seeing her teaching her boys about something they could dig up from the backyard and eat. And when you're a kid, digging in the dirt with mom is pretty high on the fun list. 

Fun MomCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

"There's a short window of time to impress upon a child's memory the smell of the soil on a warm day, the feel of the earth under bare feet, the taste of wildflowers and herbs from mom's garden. I want the sound of waves crashing on the sand, and the tug of the ocean on their ankles, to be engraved on my children's souls. The only way we can save our planet, is to cultivate a deep and sustaining love for every part of life and death on this Earth, within our children, and hope we're not too late." ~Jess, Fun Mom



When you love the beach, there's always fun to be had. These two love playing in the sand at the beach but little Miss M had always been hesitant of the waves. I captured them playing in the sand, but then she decided to give the waves a try and she ended up loving it! This photo captured her joy the first time playing in the waves with her mom. I love that I was there for it and captured this special moment for them. 

Fun MomCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

"I absolutely love our time at the beach together. I have always loved the ocean and I am so excited to share its beauty with my daughter. Seeing her face light up when we find a really cool sea shell and hearing her infectious giggle as the waves splash up on her are memories I will always cherish and I hope she looks back on these photos some day and remembers our little adventures. " ~Liz, Fun Mom



Another Momma who's super special to me, this mom is such a great boy mom and I witness her having fun with her boys often so I knew she needed to be part of this project. We did their session in their backyard and they have a great tree swing that she got on with her youngest. I know her boys will look back at their childhood and remember how fun they had with their mom, and now they'll have some photographs to help them remember.

Fun MomCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

"I hope my boys remember that we laughed a lot, a lot more than we fussed--that it was ok to make messes and many, many mistakes. That we'd get up, dust ourselves off and try again. That it was a lot more fun to be real than to be perfect. That they could come to me with any problem and feel heard and acceptance. That they are loved more than all the stars. Infinitely." ~ Amy, Fun Mom


The last one I have for now is a mom whose family is living full time in an RV. They'll soon be hitting the road and traveling the country. What an amazing and fun experience that will be for them! They also love to read, and although it's a different kind of fun than the more active fun with first think of with kids, reading together is still fun (and my son loves to read as well). So we captured them reading together.

Fun MomCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

"One of our favorite things to do as a family is read. It inspires us to use our imaginations and we enjoying diving into the stories. We also enjoy using this time to connect to one another and making the most of this quality time. If you were to look around our house you'd see books in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Some of our favorites are "Oh the Places You'll Go," "My Monster Mama Loves Me So," any of the Llama Llama books, as well as the classics and anything from Lamplighter Ministries." ~ Tiffany, Fun Mom


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