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100 Days of Black & White - Project 365 | March Favorites

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I'm in the final stretch of my 100 Days of Black & White project and am liking my black and whites more as the project progresses. I definitely think I'll be doing more black and white conversions with my work after doing this project. I like how black and white can reduce some distractions and forces me to focus on the light and how the light enhances my subject since I can't rely on color to draw attention. I do miss color, though, so I'll be glad to have it back again, especially now that's it's spring and the color is coming back everywhere. I'm already planning my next 100 Days Project and am super excited about it. It will be photography related, but not involving a picture every day, so I'll continue my project 365 and take a picture every day for that but it won't be connected to my 100 Day Project for the most part for the rest of the year. If you'd like to join our 100 Days Project group, you can join on Facebook or simply tag your project on Instagram with #100dayscollective for a chance to be featured. You don't have to be a photographer, there are a lot of other creatives in the group as well!

Ok now for March favorites....


My son loves to ride our legs around as we try to walk through the house. I remember doing this with my dad when I was a kid and it was always so much fun. These are the moments I want to capture. The fun little things that make up his childhood. Not only so that I can look back and remember them when he's grown, but so he can too.

100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


We headed back to MOSH this month and had some fun in the body exhibit. My son was dancing in front of the camera that (somewhat) mirrors your movements with a skeleton not he screen when I took this. 100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


This was the product of a vision I had in my head for a shot I wanted to get (and possibly submit to a competition). It didn't work out as well as I'd hoped (I'm not so steady when swinging a 5 year old around) so it's not a sharp image. But I still love the capture and the it's easy to see he was having fun! 100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


Our first "baby", Liby, is getting older (she'll be 12 in July) though she still acts like a puppy sometimes. We don't get to take her out as often as we used to (just keeping track of a young child was enough for me for quite a while). We were headed to the park and to take a walk so we figured it would be good to take Liby with us. She loves to get out, especially for walks, and my son loves to walk her too. (Thankful for all the years of training we did with her when she was young!) 100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


Last year, we missed ball signups so this year we made sure to look ahead of time and mark it in our calendars so we didn't miss it. A good friend of ours coaches too so we were able to get him on a team with one of his good friends. They had their first game last month and I of course made sure to have my camera to capture everything. I chose this one for my back and white photo for the day, taken while they were getting ready in the dugout. I didn't have an unobstructed view, so I used the fence to frame him.  

100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


The weather has been beautiful and we are a family who loves the beach, so we made a lot of beach trips in March. My son doesn't care how cold the water is, he loves to play and jump in the waves. I find this one a little funny, like he's getting ready to attack the waves.  100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

Some time in the last couple of months after turning 5, my son has suddenly started doing big kid things left and right. First it was deciding he was done with the training wheels and riding like a pro (he had a balance bike for several years so the pedaling was new to him with his new bike this Christmas). Then came swinging. He would previously refuse to try pumping his legs to keep swinging and now all of the sudden he's doing it like he could do it all along He still needs(wants?) someone to get him started, but then he doesn't need us to keep pushing him anymore. Gosh, they really do grow up so fast!

100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


I'm still getting in the frame, and it's often when I realize everyone is in bed and I haven't taken my photo for the day yet, haha. Up late working on a few things while catching up on DVR on this evening. 100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


I came across something on Facebook talking about an event that happens once a year in Jacksonville near the beach... for about two weeks, thousands of fireflies light up in the woods just after dark. I grew up near Cleveland, OH and always remember the joy and wonder of fireflies in the summer. When I moved down here, I though maybe they just didn't have fireflies because I never saw them. It turns out, they all like to hang out in the woods where no one sprays for mosquitos (another downfall to all the rampant spraying of insecticides but I won't go there right now). We headed down for a nighttime stroll through the woods to see the fireflies. I brought my camera, but not my tripod, so I was limited on what I could capture. As we walked down the road that weaved through the woods, I looked up and saw the moon between the trees and captured it. It wasn't fireflies, but I'll always remember our magical walk through the woods that night. (The fireflies were everywhere, it was pretty amazing!)
100 Days of Black & WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


I'd love to know which one was your favorite?




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