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After completing a Project 52 for the last two years, I've decided to make the leap to a Project 365 for 2017. I'm also going to be doing another 100 Days of Ten project as part of my first 100 days of my 365, 100 Days of Black and White. If you've followed me for long, you know I typically lean towards color with only occasionally converting to black and white. I am always looking for ways to push myself and grow as a photographer so I decided this would be a good way to stretch my skills and get out of my comfort zone and really look at what makes a good black and white image. Plus, since I tend to take more photos inside this time of year, black and white can help reduce distractions in the environment when done correctly. I have some other ideas to work on later in the year as well, so stay tuned! 

I'll be sharing some of my favorites here on the blog, but all of them will be posted on Instagram (@kimberlytank) if you'd like to follow along. So here are my favorites for January...


This first one I took at MOSH (Museum of Science and History) in Jacksonville. My son received a dual membership for MOSH and the Jacksonville Zoo for Christmas so we went to check it out. He loved the energy room with the games to make each kind of energy work. 

boy playing an energy game at Jacksonville's Museum of Science & HistoryProject 365 | 100 Days of Black and WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


I love black and white conversions for low light situations like this one. Since this is also my Project 365, I want to capture the every day things in my life and my family life, with the extra challenge of doing so in a way that looks good in black and white! We had our weekly movie night and my son wanted to watch from his chair so I thought I'd play with creating a darker image using just the light from the tv. (He loves the Buddies movies on Netflix and Snow Buddies is probably his favorite.)

boy watching a movie at homeProject 365 | 100 Days of Black and WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


My son's birthday was in January and my mom came for his birthday weekend. He gets so excited when Gramma is coming and looks outside constantly to see if she's arrived yet.  Project 365 | 100 Days of Black and WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


While my mom was here, my husband and I were able to have a date night (which we haven't had in way too long) and we decided to go bowling. (The base here in Kingsbay has a great bowling alley.) I saved my picture for the day until our date with a vision in my head of what I might capture. This was not it lol! We haven't been bowling in so long and I didn't realize it was going to be cosmic bowling and that they'd have music videos on tv screens at the end of the lanes. The lights were crazy and it was SO dark. But I was determined to make it work and I actually really like how it turned out.  Project 365 | 100 Days of Black and WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


For my son's birthday, we went down to the Kennedy Space Center because he loves all things space right now. It was a lot of fun and one of his favorite parts was piloting a model of the Atlantis. This is probably my favorite shot this month.  Project 365 | 100 Days of Black and WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


My husband has been a geo-bachelor for almost 9 years. Meaning he's been stationed away from our home while I've stayed here (first in Charleston, SC and then in Norfolk, VA.... it's a long story). He's finally been stationed back home for his last duty station before retiring. We've all been so excited for him to finally been home with us as it's been a long road and we're so thankful we didn't end up having to move (which we would have done if he hadn't gotten here). So this day was his first day reporting to shore duty and I knew I had to capture it. I'm so glad I'll be able to capture more of him now that he's home!  Project 365 | 100 Days of Black and WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


After our date night, we knew we needed to take our son bowling too as he's never been and we knew he'd have fun. They have these cute dinosaur tails that are ramps for kids to slide the bowling ball down... he tried it a couple times and then decided he wanted to throw it down the lane like Daddy. He always managed to strike a pose after throwing it too. It was tons of fun!
Project 365 | 100 Days of Black and WhiteCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

I'd love to know which one was your favorite?




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