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It sounds so cliche, but yet it's still so true... our children grow entirely too fast. The days are long but the years are short. My son is 4.5 and is looking more and more like a big kid every day. Where did my baby go? 

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At least I can look around my house and see the framed photographs of him as a newborn and a baby. Those memories will forever be with me and the photographs help take me back to those times that seem to have passed in a blur. My son loves to look at these photographs too and flip through the albums from his first year of life and listen as I tell him stories about when he was a baby. He can see on our faces in the photographs how excited we were to welcome him into the world and how much he is loved. 

The one thing I wish I had done differently was to hire a professional for our newborn photos. I was still very much an amateur photographer and didn't know anyone locally that did in home newborn sessions and I knew I didn't want to go to a studio... who really wants to leave the house with a brand new baby if they don't have to? I didn't. So I did a lot of them myself and had a friend use my camera to take our family ones, which did turn out well. But my son was cranky and I knew nothing about how to best prepare for the session and it would have been so nice to have someone else doing all the worrying, planning, and editing! I didn't get any great ones of just him because he didn't want to be put down and I didn't know enough about newborn photography to know any tricks to get him to settle nor how to set up a really good newborn shot. 

But I knew then, that I liked in-home newborn sessions and that I would need a lot more practice and a workshop or class to be able to provide these for clients once I launched my business. Once I learned about newborn posing, I thought I'd want to do a lot of it, but then I really loved the more laid-back, baby-led, family approach to newborn sessions in lifestyle photography. So I started doing a mix and applying my posing knowledge just enough to make sure baby is in a safe position and find the most flattering positions for new moms. Each session has a different balance to it based on each unique family. Some prefer more direction so they don't feel awkward in front of the camera, while others prefer to just let me capture the natural interactions they have with their baby while I'm there. I want to make it as easy and relaxed as possible. Bringing a new baby home is already a big change and there's no reason to stress over a photo session. 

If you'd like some tips on how to prepare for a newborn session and a little more about my services, check out my Newborn Guide below! (Click the image to view the guide)

St Marys, GA - Fernandina Beach, FL Newborn Photography GuideKimberly Tank Art & Photography


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