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Despite being the busiest month of the year for me, I was determined to get caught up on my personal project in October. It's so easy as photographers to get focused on our client work and let the personal stuff slide, but my personal projects are just as important to me, even if I'm not getting paid for them. So many photographers fall in love with photographing their children before turning it into a business and then the reason they fell in love gets lost sometimes. It's important to me to not lose sight of my goals for capturing my son as he grows. This is where I have the freedom to try something new/creative if I want and grow as a photographer. It is through these projects that I have become better at seeing the little moments worth capturing which then translates into better moments captured for my clients. If you're a photographer reading this, don't forget that capturing your family is important too! Here are the photos I took in October. Obviously since I was catching up there are more photos than weeks ;).


39/52 - Little Gymnast

My son loved watching gymnastics on the Olympics this year and would run around the couch doing somersaults and ending with his hands in the air. He's always been a bit of a monkey and I had previously debated letting him try gymnastics but hadn't yet. After the Olympics, he really wanted to do gymnastics so we did a trial class at TNT Gymnastics in Jacksonville, and he LOVED it. I signed him up to start in September and it's now one of his favorite parts of the week. 

TNT Gymnastics - Jacksonville, FLProject 52: 39/52 - Little GymnastCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


40/52 - Word on the Street

We went to my mom's in Gulf Breeze during the evacuation for Hurricane Matthew. We were running around the empty culdesac and my son stopped to check out the word on the street. We couldn't figure out why it was there or what it was referring to, but seemed like a fun capture. Project 52: 40/52 - Word on the StreetCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


41/52 - Monkey in a Tree

I mentioned before that he's a monkey, right? Well when we came home from my mom's house, we discovered one of our trees in the backyard had blown over at the base (thankfully not on top of anything). My son discovered that it was perfect for climbing. He was very sad that it couldn't stay for him to climb on forever, but I captured some of his fun climbing it before we cut it down. Project 52: 41 /52 - Monkey in a TreeCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography


42/52 - Deep in Thought

We went to check out a new location in Jacksonville and did some exploring. He stopped for a moment and looked out over the river, and with the framing of the posts, I couldn't resist this capture. The textures made me go black and white with this one. Fort Caroline - Timucuan Preserve - Jacksonville, FLProject 52: 42/52 - Deep in ThoughtCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

43/52 - Sleepy-head

It had been a long day and my son had been staying up too late and he no longer naps during the day unless we are out and about in the car in the afternoon. I was prepping dinner while he had a snack at the table and then I realized it was really quiet. When I went to check on him, this is what I found. You cannot escape sleep, it will find you lol.  child sleeping on a chairProject 52: 43/52 - Sleepy-headCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

44/52 - Pumpkin Carving

My little boy is growing up... he may not quite be 5 yet but he wants to do as much on his own as he is able. That meant this year, he wanted to carve his pumpkin without any help. I did draw the shapes he told me he wanted on it and helped scoop the seeds, but he did the carving himself this year. And yes, we found a white pumpkin this year. It almost seemed like a cross between a pumpkin and a honeydew melon... is that even possible? Project 52: 44/52 - Pumpkin CarvingCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

45/52 - Hawkeye

Thought my son has never seen an Avenger movie, he loves Hawkeye. So of course, that's what he wanted to be for Halloween. I love making his costume each year and found a great and easy tutorial on Pinterest for not only modifying a t-shirt of the costume but also for making a bow and arrows. He loves his costume and probably especially the bow and arrows. Maybe we'll sign him up for archery when he gets a little older. I really wanted to do a fun shoot with him in his costume this year. We went down to Fernandina Beach for the merchant trick or treat Halloween morning but arrived early enough to do some fun pictures first. The brick buildings made the perfect backdrop and my son had fun shooting the arrows. This was one of my favorites but I have so many favorites from this session that I may put them all in it's own post!  Project 52: 45/52 - HawkeyeCopyright Kimberly Tank Art & Photography

Do you have a favorite? I'd love to know! 




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