5 Rules for a Great Session


1. Come ready to have some fun! Yes, that means children AND adults! Think of your session as spending quality family time playing together and there just happens to be a photographer there to capture the moments for you. Don’t worry I’ll still help guide you and give direction when needed!



2. Turn everything into a game. If your child isn’t cooperating like you want them to, be silly and turn the situation into a game. If s/he runs away, turn it into a game of chase or catch them and tickle them. I’ll have a few ideas for games that will allow for everyone to have fun and good expressions for photographs.



3. Let it go. Your children are not likely going to be perfect little angels for the session (shocking news, right?!) and that’s ok! Let the little stuff go (the stuff that isn’t going to cause physical injury/harm) and try to refrain from scolding. Bad moods = bad pictures.



4. Bring snacks, water, and extra clothes if you have little ones. Someone is bound to get hungry, thirsty, or dirty! You may also want to bring a special toy your child loves or something you can all play with together.



5. Forget the “smile” prep. This is especially important for older children. When you say “cheese!” or “smile!” you’re going to get a fake smile and we want the real ones! In fact, those words are banned at my sessions! I will work with your kiddos to bring out natural expressions and genuine smiles. No need to talk to them about giving their “best smile” for the camera. Just tell them you’re all going to have a lot of fun!