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Do you have a nice digital camera that you want to get more out of?

Do you love capturing your family's everyday moments and want to learn how to take them to the next level? Or maybe you own a business and want to take better pictures of the products or real estate you sell?

Do your photographs not come out quite like you imagined (too dark, light, blurry)?

Have you missed the opportunity to take a camera class in the past because it didn't fit into your schedule?

Big Camera Basics is a camera class where I will teach you how to get out of auto mode and take better photographs. The only requirement is to have a camera that allows you to have manual controls (like a DSLR or mirrorless camera). I offer this class once a year on a set date and you can now host a class in your home and you pick the date! Plus, as the host, you could have your class fee waived! (See below for details)

Here's what you'll learn....

  • How to get out of auto mode
  • Get a proper exposure
  • Manual mode
  • Freeze action
  • Handling Low Light
  • Composition Basics
  • More tips on getting better photographs
  • Printing


Here's how in-home camera classes work....

Host a camera class in your home and get at least 2 friends to sign up for your class. You'll receive a discount on your class fee based on the number of friends you have sign up; your class fee is waived when you have 4 friends registered for your class.

The host provides light refreshments and I bring all class materials. I will need a tv to hook up to for the presentation. The presentation and practice time will last about 2 hours. Class fee is $100. Travel fees apply for those wishing to hold a class more than 35 miles from 31558.

Everyone will need to bring their own camera (and camera manual if you have it) to class. Handouts will be provided with space to take notes.

After class, you'll also have the opportunity to join my class alumni Facebook group where you can ask questions you think of later and get feedback. 


Review from a past student:

"I liked that it was casual and pressure free. No crazed instructor standing over me while I figured things out on my camera. The printouts were SO helpful in keeping notes straight, and being able to see pictures with the settings made things click more for me.  The most helpful part was the encouragement to keep practicing. You don't really think you'll need practice to take good pictures, but it turns out that you do! It was really an incredibly informative intro experience!" ~ Lacey N.


For more information, or to book your in-home camera class, please call 912-322-6714 or email me at kimberly.tank at

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