Project 12: May Video | Woodbine Child Photography

August 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

I finally got around to editing May's video. My son and I went to the organic blueberry farm in Woodbine, GA (formerly Harriett's Bluff Blueberry Farm, now under new ownership as Morning Belle Farms). It looked like rain, but I was determined to get out there and do this video (that I had originally wanted to do in April) so we went anyway. It was cloudy and did end up raining to it's a short video this time. (And a little disclaimer... I was parked for the in the car shots at the end. He started eating the blueberries so I pulled over into a parking lot to capture it.)

I've also made the tough decision to put this project on hold until next year and try it again. I took on too many projects and have not made enough time for this one. I also purchased a workshop on videography that I'd like to actually go through and learn more about how to make these better and try again with this project next year. And if any of you reading know me well, you know I'm stubborn and don't like "giving up" on a project once I've gotten started. I'm typically pretty determined to finish, but I'm giving myself grace on this one and not giving up, but saving it for later. So this will probably be my last video fusion for the year, though I may do a couple more if I get around to it!

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Well done, Kim! I continue to be so impressed with how beautifully your video matches your still photo edits. They look fantastic.
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